The study covers churn behaviour dynamics in telecommunications, insurance, financial and utilities services spreading 14 separate sub-categories.

14 Product and Services Categories

  • Telco
    • Fixed Telephone landline
    • Mobile phone
    • Broadband internet
  • Insurance
    • Private Health Insurance
    • Motor Insurance
    • Home Building Insurance
    • Home Content Insurance
    • Personal Insurance
  • Financial
    • Superannuation
    • Mortgages
    • Financial Advice
    • Banks
  • Utilities
    • Electricity
    • Mains Gas

For each of the product and service categories, we determined:

  • A respondent's use or non-use of the category
  • Levels of concern with rising costs
  • Consideration of changing product or service provider in future, and
  • Recent switching behaviours with current product or service providers
  • Barriers to switching consideration
Alcohol: Bingle Drinking by Adults and Underage Binge Drinking, Consumption of Alcoholic Energy Drinks
Smoking and Drugs: Smoking Tobacco, Smoking Marijuana, Taking Illegal Drugs, Misuse of Prescription Drugs, Use of Banned Drugs by Professional Sportspeople
Diet and Exercise: Limited Physical Activity & Poor Diet in Adults, Children and Teenagers, Consumption of Energy Drinks by Children & Teenagers
Unhealthy ActivitiesUnsafe Sexual Practices, Tanning Without Sun Protection
Road Safety

Speeding: Motorists Exceeding the Speed Limit by More Than 5km/h and 10km/h
Alcohol and Drugs: Motorist Driving a Vehicle or Riding a Motorcycle When Over the Legal Blood Alcohol Limit and After Taking Illegal Drugs
Other Road Safety Issues: Hoon Driving Behaviours, Motorists Driving When Using a Mobile Phone, Unsafe Road Behaviour From Truck Drivers
Work Safety


Workplace Harassment

Discrimination and Bullying

Unsafe Working practices


Cultural or Religious Discrimination

Mental Illness Discrimination





Problem Gambling

Problem Sports Betting

Problem Online Gambling

Domestic Issues


Child Abuse

Domestic Violence Against Women

Domestic Violence Against Men

Community Safety

Anti-Social Behaviour in Public Places

Sexual Assault/Rape

Carrying of Knives/Weapons

Unruly Protests/Demonstrations/Riots